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The Adventures

The Gall Family has filmed and produced 10 adventures over the decades first documenting their travels from 1998, venturing into some of the most remote and aspired to destinations that Australia has to offer.

With raw and humble beginnings, the trips covered not only the beauty of the areas, though travel conditions, challenges, along with the interactions and dynamics of the family and friends on the run also, and certainly evolved over the years!

This, together with the musical talents of Matt & Lauren James of Tribal Groove, made for some very unique viewing, and seen them gain an incredible interest and following, not only in Australia, though all around the world!

Following is an overview of the the 10 trips, and if you haven't seen and would like to, the DVDs are still be mailed out daily on order.

Thanks for the interest! 

The Gall Boys - Images Glen Gall - The Gall Boys  -2230.jpg
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